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Since 1999 we have carried out electrical installation works as part of larger business groups and construction companies. In 2011, we finally separated and founded an independent company, and have been operating since then under the name PARTNER ELEKTRIK GROUP.

Many years of experience and many successfully completed projects have enabled us to meet all the demands of investors, both in the range and complexity of potential projects and within the area of our core electric installation activities.

By constantly investing in our staff and their training, as well as by investing in the company itself (tools, machinery, manufacturing processes), we provide complete high-quality electrical works. Here are some of the works we provide within the scope of our services:

  • works with low voltage and high voltage electrical installations
  • works with KNX/EIB system
  • works with DTK installations
  • works on the computer / telephone networks
  • testing of complete electrical installations, which refers to testing lightning protection installations, insulation resistance, emergency lighting systems, potential equalization, indirect contact voltage, device for turning off the power in case of emergency, and similar
  • projects, solutions, and testing for the purpose of obtaining the minimum technical requirements for the entire electrical system
  • preventive inspections of current dividers and electrical Installations (with the possibility of signing annual contracts for routine maintenance)

The company PARTNER ELEKTRIK GROUP Ltd. is in possession of a valid license to carry out all electrical installation works, which is issued by the competent Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning.

In addition, all of our employees have all the necessary documentation to carry out electrical works, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia.